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Horse Training

We offer a range of options for horse training, from short term problem solving or starting under saddle, to long term training and campaigning. We can cater to most types of horses, and believe strongly in supporting you and your horse after they come home.


Our philosophy is always in keeping kindness and patience in our training, as we are here to support the horse in learning and not just push them through to meet deadlines. We also believe in our owners receiving good value, and we go above and beyond expectations wherever possible, whilst respecting your budget. If you would like to explore some options for your horse, simply book in for an obligation free phone call, or send us an email, so we can discuss your horse's needs and help you find the best solution. 


Young Horse Handling

Foals to 3 year olds

Foal with mum also attending: $300 per week
Young horse alone: $250 per week
Discount for multiple youngsters or extended training

The goal here is to have your young horse experience a range of positive handling scenarios. This is a suitable option for very young foals, up to three year olds, with minimal handling, or challenges with basic handling. By the end of this block of training, we hope to have exposed your youngster to;

  • catching and haltering willingly

  • leading

  • handling feet, grooming, etc

  • tying up (soft tie only)

  • float loading 

  • exposure to obstacles and scary things

  • rugging, boots and fly veils

  • basic groundwork, yields, and age appropriate lungeing

  • plus much more, and any special requests!

We recommend a minimum of two weeks training for your youngster to reap long term benefits and have time to be exposed to as much training as possible.

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Starting Under Saddle - Foundation Package

3 year olds and older

Fixed Price: $2200

Minimum of 4 weeks, but can be up to 8+ weeks if your horse needs a slower approach to maintain their confidence or develop the required condition and fitness

Our Foundation Package is about exposing your horse to a really good first experience as a riding horse. We aim to maintain your horse's confidence throughout the process, and gradually adjust them to their ridden expectations. We don't believe any part of this process should stress the horse, create soaked saddle pads, and we don't believe in them "bucking it out". We have started dozens of horses without this ever being necessary, and prefer a gentler approach. We are quite happy to take however long is necessary to create a happy, sound, and willing ridden horse. During Foundation training, your horse will learn:

  • standing still for tacking up and mounting

  • exposure to various types of saddles, a roller, long reins, etc

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