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Shana Walters Equestrian Academy

We are currently in the BETA testing phase of this Academy, so we are looking for a very small group of people to join us for a unique learning experience, that is not available anywhere else in Western Australia. 

Our aim is to provide top quality education that will prepare our students for the world of equestrian sport.


Join regular live Q&A sessions, as well as a wide variety of theory topics broken down and discussed  in depth. 


A library of videos showing students and trainers working with their horses. See the clear, unfiltered step by step training of different horses.


Manuals and homework delivered to your inbox! Keep us up to date with your  progress for custom plans.


Regular one-on-one and group lessons where you can ask any questions, and work on the topics and skills most relevant to you.


Practical open practice sessions where you can spend time working on your own journey under experienced supervision.

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